Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Some recent articles I've written, relating to (Aboriginal) Koori history and culture:
Aboriginal Art - http://koorihistory.com/aboriginal-art/
Exploration of Traditional Aboriginal Clothing - http://koorihistory.com/traditional-aboriginal-clothing/
Ochre usage by Aboriginal people - http://koorihistory.com/earth-pigments-ochre/
Review of Margaret Tucker's autobiography - http://koorihistory.com/if-everyone-cared-margaret-tucker/
Description of the properties of grass tree resin - http://koorihistory.com/grass-tree-resin/
History of the township of Baryulgil - http://koorihistory.com/baryulgil/
Scar Trees, What are they? - http://koorihistory.com/modified-trees-scar-trees/
History of the Aboriginal settlement of Cummeragunja - http://koorihistory.com/cummeragunja/
Australian Bantamweight champion, Johnny Jarrett - http://koorihistory.com/johnny-jarrett-patten/
Margaret Tucker, Civil Rights Leader - http://koorihistory.com/margaret-tucker/
Jack Patten, Civil Rights Leader - http://koorihistory.com/jack-patten/
1938 Day of Mourning protest - http://koorihistory.com/1938-day-of-mourning/

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This blog has not been added to for many years. However, the author's work can be seen at: http://www.koorihistory.com a website dedicated to the Aboriginal History of South-Eastern Australia, which is inclusive of new book reviews.